A venue hosting a Marjorie Taylor Greene Jan. 6 event was reportedly misled about its focus

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A slot in Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s weekend schedule abruptly opened up after a Florida resort canceled an event at which she was the special guest when it learned the actual purpose of the event: to commemorate the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

According to NBC News’ reporting, Westgate Resorts in Kissimmee was told that the event, scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 6, was a book-signing for Greene’s new memoir, “MTG.” But the event’s organizer, the Osceola County GOP, had been marketing it as an “exclusive” event with Greene to commemorate the “3rd Anniversary of Jan 6” — a detail that apparently caught the venue by surprise.

“Please be advised that Westgate was not made aware of the purpose of this event when we were approached to host a book signing,” Westgate Resorts said in a statement to NBC. “This event has been canceled and is no longer taking place at our resort.”

Some Democrats took issue with such an event being held at all, let alone with the Georgia Republican as its special guest, given the many confounding statements that Greene has made about the insurrection.

Before Jan. 6, 2021, Greene frequently repeated the lie that Donald Trump had won the 2020 election, and she told the public the night before to “get ready to fight for America tomorrow.”

After the attack, however, she called herself a “victim” of Jan. 6 and said that she was “completely against” it. In her memoir, she falsely claimed that Republicans were the only ones defending the House chamber against the violent mob.

But she has also dismissed Jan. 6 as “just a riot at the Capitol.” Last month, she said that if she had organized the insurrection, it “would have been armed” and “we would have won.” She later claimed she was joking.

Greene has continued to be one of Trump’s most vocal supporters as the former president, employing increasingly violent rhetoric, makes another bid for the presidency. Trump has described the Jan. 6 insurrection as “a beautiful day” and called convicted rioters “hostages” and “patriots.” He also said he would pardon many of them if he’s elected.

On Thursday, Greene chided the NBC News reporter who asked about the event’s cancellation, calling it a “stupid” question.

“I really don’t understand the point of your question. It doesn’t make any sense. Aren’t we talking about President Trump? Aren’t we’re talking about Iowa?” she said.

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