Las Vegas City Center, Real Estate Marketplace Suite, is a complete AI enabled and automated platform for selling, buying, renting/leasing, short-term hosting and a complete real estate marketing & work-flow management for residential, commercial, corporate and vacation properties.

The marketplace is also a part of an integrated ecosystem with 10s of thousands of possible buyers, renters, short-term & long-term vacationers, investors, travelers, event managers and sellers among other real estate service entities.

We have held over 20 world class shows, events and business conventions in the last decade across continents with over a million followers/members and have utilized our own advanced marketing solution to create a unique Real Estate marketplace to transform the real estate journey into an intelligent, streamlined & enjoyable experience for all of our partners and clients.

The solution augments existing systems to meet the demands of connected commerce. Transform every new agent to an expert with AI to meet the demand of buyers, sellers, investors, lenders, title companies, insurance entities and short-term hosting options, all in one intelligent platform. Our unique marketplace suite helps transform businesses with an advanced automated & AI enabled digital platform that provides centralized, real-time visibility into, and management of listings, hosting, requests, work-flow, processes, communications and fulfillment across the network.

For buyers, renters , investors, travelers, event managers and short-term vacationers, the marketplace provides complete and streamlined processes to increase the value of their investments and experiences with AI and Automation capabilities that make the entire process an enjoyable experience.

Monitoring the real estate and investment market is the story of the past, our AI enabled solution predicts market trends and investment risk with Generative AI observability solution which in return increases the chance of opportunities to be transformed to closed transactions. Welcome to industrial revolution 4.0 journey with automation and Generative AI at your service.

Join our ecosystem and add your property listings so that our smart marketplace syndicates your property listings across the globe and places them magically for internals investors to view; as results the system reduces the listing time by almost 70% and generate the desired outcome at a fraction of traditional time and cost. Now you can focus on your core business and let an AI enabled & Automated system do the rest for you.