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Adele is sick of the Taylor Swift hate.

A fan of Adele on X posted a video from a “Weekends with Adele” show Saturday night where the singer says she wants the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl “just because Taylor Swift goes for them.”

Adele added, “… and all of you complaining about Taylor being at the game, get a (expletive) life.”

This isn’t the first time Adele has stood up for Swift. At a fan event in October 2022, Adele called Swift “one of the greatest songwriters of our generation,” after the release of Swift’s award-winning album “Midnights,” Billboard reported.

Speaking of Swift: Jason Kelce, brother of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce (who Swift is dating), stopped by Adele’s show Friday night.

Kelce was caught on video singing along to Adele’s 2011 hit “Someone Like You” during the concert.

Adele asked the crowd if they were in town supporting the San Francisco 49ers or the Chiefs. Kelce yelled out “EAGLES!”

“You sound drunk, and like you’re a football fan,” Adele replied.

Adele noted before the outburst that more 49ers fans seemed to be in attendance than Chiefs fans.

“Sorry Chiefs, you’re outnumbered tonight … but don’t worry, this is a big loving, loving show.”

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