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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The prospect of being in the first crowd of the first “Big Game” in Las Vegas has added thousands of extra airline seats incoming to Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) Super Bowl week.

The bulk of travelers filling those seats are expected from Thursday through Friday. Approximately 300,000 seats are scheduled for arrival Thursday through Saturday, with another 100,000 on Sunday alone. It is unknown how many of those seats have been sold to passengers.

While LAS spokesperson Joe Rajchel said preparations have been ongoing since last year, several new seats were added just two weeks ago.

“After the two teams were finalized, we saw airlines add more than 40,000 seats into the market to accommodate that demand,” Rajchel said next to a baggage claim carrousel Thursday afternoon. “Just like we’re seeing here at the commercial side, (Thursday) is the day that a lot of the private aviation activity is going to start too.”

He added that reservations for private jet parking spots are fully booked, metered by a slot program by the NFL and FAA.

Estimates suggested up to 450,000 visitors, traveling with and without aviation, could be in the valley by game day. Flyers are immediately inundated with Super Bowl volunteers, banners, and digital signs when they step off the plane and into LAS.

Most of them will likely not watch the game in person inside Allegiant Stadium, but incoming travelers like San Francisco Local Zaldy Dela Cuesta say they’re holding onto hope of scoring tickets after arriving. He’s especially hopeful since his hometown team is playing.

“We’re hoping the prices may drop,” Cuesta said next to a baggage claim slot machine Thursday afternoon, claiming this method worked for him for Super Bowl LIV in Miami. “Our whole flight was all full of ‘bang-bang-miner-gang.’”

Others, like Kansas City Natives Tyra Shelby and Tim Clayton, say they’re packing light. Their suitcases are full of their hometown team’s swag.

“We got to go out sometime in the night, so (clubs) won’t let us in with the Chiefs jersey. But, a lot of Chiefs gear (packed) though,” Clayton said while picking up his luggage Thursday afternoon. “We’re going to be everywhere repping hard.”

Rajchel added that after the game, their next busiest travel day is likely Monday with 150,000 people expected at the TSA checkpoint. That checkpoint will remain open for 24 hours each day from Sunday to Tuesday.

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