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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — When it comes to the Super Bowl, one commercial that many fans look forward to every year features the world-famous Anheuser-Busch Clydesdale horses.

The team from this year’s commercial is actually in Las Vegas and making appearances across the valley. The horses are born at Grant’s Farm in St. Louis, Missouri and are trained before they make their big debut.

“Clydesdales’ temperaments are very laid-back,” Chris Wiegert, training supervisor at Grant’s Farm, said. “To be a Budweiser Clydesdale, they have four white stockings, a solid-coated bay, and they’re usually 2,000 pounds and six feet tall.”


The company has three hitch teams that travel about 300 days a year.

“One hitch team will have three semis, eight Clydesdales, and two dalmatians,” Wiegert said. “In Las Vegas, it’s the actual hitch that’s in the commercial and it’s even more special because this team is made up of celebrities.”

The horses are between six and 12 years old and can travel with the team for about 10 years before they retire from the spotlight. The Clydesdales have been featured in Super Bowl commercials for years and have grown a dedicated fan base.

“We’ve been in 46 Super Bowls, ever since 1975. Nobody else can say that,” Wiegert said. “They represent the spirit of America and they are just really special to our culture.”

Super Bowl 58 - Budweiser Clydesdales


This year’s commercial is called “Old School Delivery”. According to the company, it tells the story of a small town struck by a snowstorm and the resilience and determination of Budweiser and the Clydesdales to show up in moments that matter for their consumers. When obstacles come up, they find a way to deliver their product “the old school way”.

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So how does the team get ready for an appearance?

“We start the day by feeding them, which is their favorite part of the day. We make sure they get exercise, groom them, and then it’s showtime,” Wiegert said. “The horses are always happy to see everyone and while they’re in Vegas, we hope to bring that magic in person.”

For Wiegert, seeing the joy the team brings to people makes his job special and rewarding.

“It’s such a feeling of pride. You do all that hard work and you get to see people experience the magic in person,” Wiegert said. “It’s fun to see them on the big stage.”

You can see clips from the new Clydesdales Super Bowl commercial on Sphere. The team also appeared on Fremont Street on Tuesday night. You can see their full list of appearances here. At some events, you may even get to pet the horses.

“We’re going to be in Henderson [on Wednesday]. We will have one horse out. When we only have a few horses out, you can pet them,” Wiegert said. “On Friday night, that will be the whole hitch so fans can experience a little bit of both. On Saturday and Sunday, they’ll be out for petting as well. On Thursday, at South Point, you can even see one of our horses place a Super Bowl bet.”

Who will they choose?

“I don’t know because both teams are red, which is one of [Anheuser-Busch’s] colors,” Wiegert said smiling. “We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Super Bowl 58 - Budweiser Clydesdales


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