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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The impact of Super Bowl 58 is expected not to just be seen in Las Vegas, but the effect will be felt nationwide.

According to the National Retail Federation, fans are expected to spend about $17.3 billion on food, drinks, apparel, and more around the country for The Big Game.

“We’re expecting a historically high economic impact for the Super Bowl,” said Brendon Plack, the NFL Senior Vice President of Public Police and Government Affairs.

The NRF is projecting Super Bowl 58 to have the highest total fan spending and viewership of any Super Bowl.

“Over three-quarters of U.S. adults, or around 201 million people, were planning to turn into this year’s Super Bowl,” said Katherine Cullen, NRF Vice President of Industry and Consumer Insights. “This is surpassing last year’s record of 193 Million consumers.”

Every fan knows when watching The Big Game, you need to have great game day food. About 80% of the $17.3 billion that fans are expected to spend through this weekend will go towards food and beverage.

“Ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers, everything you could think of man,” San Francisco 49ers fan Mike Deeter told me.

The National Beer Wholesalers Association expects beer sales to rise 20% nationally for the Super Bowl.

“You got one thing that has to be a part of your stop and that’s beer, America’s beverage,” said Craig Purser, NBWA President & CEO.

The Big Game is also expected to bring massive crowds to Las Vegas. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce expects around 450,000 people to travel in for the Super Bowl.

“A traditional visitor coming to Las Vegas spends about $1,100 per person per trip. A typical visitor or the visitors that we know who are on their way or already here for the Super Bowl are spending 4 or 5 times that amount,” Applied Analysis Principal Analyst Jeremy Aguero said.

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