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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Super Bowl LVIII is just hours away and Swifties from across the valley have suddenly taken a liking to the big game.

“It’s amazing how one person can have such a reach and grasp on so many people,” Laurin Leiser shared with 8 News Now. 

Yes, it’s the first time the Super Bowl is being held in Las Vegas, but it seems as if a certain pop star has now taken center stage — and we’re not talking about Usher.

Taylor Swift is set to make an appearance at Sunday’s game to watch boyfriend, Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers.

Fans like Michael Romero said although he hasn’t been a Swiftie long, he never expected his love of football and now her music to collide.

Romero was even representing Taylor’s Reputation album with stickers all over his car. He said he’s gotten a lot of questionable looks, but he’s proud of it.

“I’m curious Michael, has anyone told you that you need to calm down,” 8 News Now reporter, Madison Kimbro asked. In reference to Swift’s 2019 hit song. 

When asked if he has even been told to “Calm Down,” Romero replied with a laugh saying “It’s a struggle. I’m a football fan, but I never thought I would become a Taylor Swift fan.”

Kaymin Leiser, 10, says she now looks at the NFL differently because of the love story blossoming between Kelce and Swift.

“I think it’s made me more interested in Football,” she said.

As for Kelce and Swift going the distance, when asked if she thought the relationship was real Kaymin said “I very well do.”

Super Bowl LVIII airs Sunday on CBS.

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